split with Elektro Guzzi

the split LP with Elektro Guzzi is finally released via Interstellar Records, one time run of 105 copies and 3 test pressings.


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split with Nadeshda

the split tape with Nadeshda on Epileptic Media is out now. limited to 50 copies and available via https://epilepticmedia.bandcamp.com/

more information via our release page

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video – strictly analog

2016 “live @ strictly analog / rostfest / oswaldikirche / eisenerz”

‘strictly analog’ live at the opening event of rostfest, oswaldikirche, eisenerz, austria, august 18th, 2016
visuals & video by OchoReSotto

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video – live @ rack rash

2017 “live @ rack rash / elektro gönner / vienna”

live at rack rash festival, elektro gönner, vienna, austria, april 29th, 2017
video by tom wies / synth anatomy

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spring tour

REGOLITH (with support from OchoReSotto) spring tour with LIVING TEMPLES & CRYPTIC MANTRA

28/04/17 CZ-BRNO @ lykusák
29/04/17 A-VIENNA @ elektro gönner
30/04/17 A-LINZ @ stadtwerkstatt
01/05/17 CH-FRIBOURG @ le mouton noire
03/05/17 BEL-BRUSSELS @ niko matcha
04/05/17 NL-THE HAGUE @ de besturing
06/05/17 D-HANNOVER @ oberdeck








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video – live @ forthwith festival

REGOLITH live at Fortwith Festival
Winnipeg, Canada / February 11th, 2017

thanks to: Dan Green, Jen Nikkel, Megan Heke, Nikos Zachariadis, Pat McPhillips, Paul Nikkel and Wouter Jaspers

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finally the next tape of the spl1t-series is released. this time with SΔGΔΔN from spain. this band incl. victor mázon gardoqui, the layouter of “I” and the spl1t-series. available at our shows and via interstellar records mailorder.
spl3t will be out in spring 2017, this time with amazing

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“I” is part of the exhibition “toene different”

our album “I” is part of the “toene different” exhibition in graz / austria. from friday, august 12th, 2016 till saturday, september 3rd, 2016. the exhibition is organized from Rock Is Hell Records, Werk02 and Rhizom. the beauty of the artwork was done by Victor Mazón Gardoqui.

in the meantime, we prepare for our small austria tour (once again with the visuals heroes of OchoReSotto) -> live

and with our album “I”, we recieved some great reviews -> extra

preparing for spl2t (which will be out on july 23rd, 2016) and these days we’re mixing spl3t, which will be with Elektro Guzzi

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news – december 2015 – new album!

our first full length album “I” is out now! a great and intensive process during the year 2015.

we recorded with support from franz gurt (sisi top studio / graz, hella comet) in march 2015, mixing the album with mario stadler (goon studios / linz) in may 2015, mastering by bernd heinrauch (schwarzau im schwarzautal) in july 2015, layout by victor mázon gardoqui (SΔGΔΔN) in summer 2015 and released by rock is hell on december 24th 2015.

it’s the beauty of a double vinyl (incl. download link), we’re maximum happy (about the process and the vinyl)!!!!! more infos in the discography section.

rip67ordering the album directly via the label rock is hell

release shows:
22/01/16 A-INNSBRUCK @ p.m.k. with owl rave
23/01/16 A-GRAZ @ forum stadtpark feat. visuals by ocho resotto, with reflector




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news – august 2015 – massive update

new website is online. expect more information in the future, don’t trust the past (in cyberspace it’s called news) on our website. we don’t like to make a history on this website – we’re still what we are, and of course we have our history, but we are looking towards the future and into space. ANYWAY we finished our new album, recorded by ourself, mixed with mario stadler at goon studios in linz / austria. mastering by bernd heinrauch. album will be released in winter 2015 via rock is hell as 2LP and will simply be called “I”.

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