2016 “live @ strictly analog / rostfest / oswaldikirche / eisenerz”

‘strictly analog’ live at the opening event of rostfest, oswaldikirche, eisenerz, austria, august 18th, 2016
visuals & video by OchoReSotto

2017 “live @ rack rash / elektro gönner / vienna”

live at rack rash festival, elektro gönner, vienna, austria, april 29th, 2017
video by tom wies / synth anatomy

2017 “live @ forthwith festival / winnipeg”

live at forthwith festival, winnipeg, canada, februray 11th 2017
video by regolith & nikos zachariadis

2014 feat. OchoReSotto “live @ strictly analog ljubljana #2”

live at stricty analog #2 festival, ljubljana, slovenia, december 13th 2014
video by ljudmila, art and science laboratory

2013 STEPHAN ROISS & REGOLITH “fata” video

vocals, lyrics by stephan roiss
taken from the album of stephan roiss “&&&”, released on zach records
video by julia hartig

2012 REGOLITH “live @ mittwochs exakt”

regolith live at mittwochs exakt, postgarage, graz, austria, april 4th 2012.
video by marufura

2011 REGOLITH “the day phoenix died on mars” video

music by regolith
taken from split with kern quehenberger, released on interstellar records, na woat na, rock is hell
video by phillipe gerlach & stefan kushima
edited @ sisi top studio / graz